WordPress and YouTube: A Great Marriage in Media Publishing

There are two major content publishing giants on the web, WordPress and YouTube. Each one is unique with its own strengths, but together they work very well together. The unique property between them is that Google shows them preferential treatment. So, why not put the two together and harness the strengths in a synergistic way.

WordPress is the #1 content management system in use on the Internet. It powers 30% of sites on the web. WordPress started out in the mid 2000s as a simple blogging platform, but has grown and matured to be a very flexible and extensible system. Because of it’s origin as a blogging platform, organically it is designed for search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, because it is designed for SEO and its popularity, Google has taken a liking to it and given it high regards.

YouTube (a service of Google) is the second most used and popular search engine on the web. It is a free platform for publishing videos. Video, like photos, have more power than words alone, so using video to tell a story adds an extra level of viewer engagement. Videos do something that words and photos cannot do, keep a viewer engaged on your site. Adding a video not only adds something else for the viewer to explore, but will strengthen the content of any page or blog post.

Combining the two publishing systems together, in my opinion, is a great way to get noticed and demonstrate expertise in a subject area. Posts contain carefully composed verbiage to explain in detail the topic at hand, but adding a video demonstrating the content only clarifies what is being said and can impress and educate the viewer visually.

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