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Stag Media provides web site development with exceptional value to its clients. Today it is vital that all organizations have a web site that generates leads that turn into sales. 

When people are looking for something, they turn to the search engine to find what they need rather than a phone book. Therefore, a website with at least basic search engine optimization is critical to get your brand recognized in the modern 21 century world.

The second most important aspect to a great website is the story that it begins to tell about your business. Your website is usually the first place someone goes to learn about your business and what value you can bring. Therefore, it is important that your story is part of their experience. It is critical that they empathize with your story and want to work with you. After that, it’s your touch points which make or break your business.

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Here at Stag Media, we build sites for our clients which empower them to edit and manage their own website or outsource it. We develop our solutions utilizing the WordPress, the #1 content management system, which is used worldwide by organizations large and small. It is a powerful engine that has the ability to power web sites, blogs, e-commerce stores, communities, back end applications or a combination. As of this time, it powers more than 34% of websites on the Internet.

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Your website is not just another piece of marketing material. It is a tool that is designed to attract prospective customers by providing answers to their most major needs and obtaining their contact information through the use of valuable takeaways. 

Because we know how much value we plan to provide you, our web site development services are rendered by the project starting at $1600.

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