Introducing Stag Media 98


Over this summer, one of the things that went into development is the creation of a new division and brand focusing on media development services including, but not limited to WordPress website development, video production, photography and graphic design. The intent was to separate the creative services from the analytical, consulting and instructional services offered by the main business, SAK Information Systems, LLC. The goal is to role this new brand out in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The name itself is a nod to my Alma Mater’s mascot, The Stag and the colors of the logo portray our school colors: red, black, and white. The number 98 is the year of graduation from Fairfield University where my experience in web and media began. The concept grew out of a conversation during my recent 20 year reunion where a few of us were reflecting on my long history of media and production services involvement. Therefore, the name is also a tribute to my classmates who were instrumental in bringing all this back to my attention.

What We’re Doing

Our goal is to help others (businesses and individuals) embrace digital marketing and build their empires utilizing the most popular CMS in the marketplace, WordPress. Along with WordPress, we want to assist with learning and implementing email marketing and automation, video marketing and podcasting. Along with blogging, these tools increase traffic and help build credibility for your brand.

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