What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the science of key wording web pages in order that they appear in relevant searches. It is equivalent to putting an ad under the correct heading in the yellow pages of the phone book. The goal is to have the right words and phrases inputted into each web page so that the search engines index each page according to it respective topic.

For a pages to be properly optimized, a specific process needs to be followed for each page of the site. Our goal is to get your WordPress website visible to the search engines in the best fashion possible at rock bottom rates.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

Our Process

Our search engine optimization (SEO) process is broken down into several steps. Each step can take several hours to complete.
  • Research relevant keywords for the page or site
  • Incorporate those words and phrases into the body and images of the page
  • Recommend linking strategies to other sites to enhance page rank
  • Examine the current page ranking and any existing keywords
  • Examine the page structure, links and images attributes

Our SEO Rates

Our SEO rates vary depending on the complexity of the site. Since sites vary greatly in design and content, please contact us for a quote.
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