Promoting Your Purpose

The goal with any media is to promote your passion and your purpose. It is what guides you on your daily routine and keeps you in step. It provides for that basic psychological building block. Without a purpose we are lost as humans and rendered to zombies.

What is Purpose?

Purpose is the innate goal to provide something tangible while making us and someone else feel good about it. Whether as an individual or business, we need to establish a purpose. Without it we just flounder.

Why is Purpose important to your brand?

Purpose is the cornerstone for why we do anything. However, it is also what makes each of us unique because we all have our own thoughts and feeling about a topic. Without purpose, we can’t establish what our services or products are or what value we wish to give to others. Once people are understanding of your purpose they can either buy into your service or product or move away from it.

How do people subscribe to your purpose?

People and businesses have to subscribe to your purpose. You cannot force them to do this; it has to be done voluntarily. When people understand the purpose they will continue coming back to you and become part of your “tribe”. Your actions will be your greatest method of demonstrating purpose and maintaining consistency will help promote your purpose.

Keep Everyone Engaged

When everyone is engaged in your purpose, they will help you carry out your purpose. It doesn’t matter which you choose, writing, blogging, video, podcasting, speaking or social media. When people get exciting and are invited to contribute they will come on board with you and promote your brand.

Deliver Great Products and Services

One way that keeps people coming back to share in the purpose is delivering great customer service. When people are treated properly and with respect, they will more often than not join in your tribe and contribute to helping promote your purpose.

If you stay true to your purpose, the passion for the purpose will stand out and others will want to be a part of that energy. That positive energy is contagious. When people get great service and see your awesome purpose, they will want to help you promote you and your goals.

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