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WordPress since its beginnings has used traditional web design concepts to build structure. Themes (templates) have been designed in a standard format with headers, navigation bars, content areas, and sidebars. There is a new dawn coming for WordPress and that is dynamic design. We will finally be able to build a website without being forced into a preset layout.

Content has also been changing and will continue to evolve. In the beginning, there was the idea of What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get or WYSIWYG for short. It was achieved by creating an online editor in which content was entered similar to that of a word processor. Yes, one could see what they were doing as they were doing it, but not  able to achieve it easily or get the desired results needed for search engine optimization or optimal presentation. That has been slowly changing with page builder technology from various publishers. Two of those publishers utilize proprietary technology and code rather than open-source community build code. Well, WordPress is about to change all this with a new concept called the Gutenberg Project.

Johannes GutenbergThe Gutenberg project, which gets its name from Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press, takes self-publishing to a new level. Right now, the Gutenberg Project is focusing on the content areas of WordPress. This will be a major change for how content is created and formatted, but also how other incorporated functions will operate. One will be able to edit inline via the front end rather than going between the editor and the actual presentation.

The long range goal of the Gutenberg project is to completely allow site design to be done dynamically with modules or building blocks. These modules or blocks are arranged in sections and rows will be able to be placed anywhere on the page. Right now, we’re limited to how items can be placed, but the goal is to be able to construct a page by dragging items into a grid. It will be a major change to how web site design is accomplished from the ground up.

I am excited to continue to learn about Gutenberg and its developments. It will be a complete change, but good change is always welcomed. We have always as a people wanted to communicate better and have innovated better ways since the beginning. This is just one of many enhancements that mankind is working on as a community.

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