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Wordpress LogoToday it is almost imperative that any business or organization have a website. It serves as a stage for what your organization has to offer as well as a portal to other social media platforms. Strangely, it is amazing to me how many people and businesses have never heard of WordPress and the potential it has to help grow a business.

WordPress started out over ten years ago as a blogging platform and has matured into viable content management system. Consider WordPress as a powerful engine in a car. That engine can be enhanced with additional features called plugins and there are thousands from which to choose. Plugins do everything from add a simple feature such as adding a video or add great functionality such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or e-commerce. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination and a solid goal. For example, it is possible to build an entire online affiliate store, never have to stock inventory, but make a good amount of money passively doing so.

So, what kind of websites can run on WordPress? Pretty much, about any website concept can utilize the power of WordPress. Here are a few examples.

  • Standard website (multiple pages, images, forms)
  • Blog sites (Chronologically published articles)
  • eCommerce websites (Sell stuff using WordPress)
    • Digital products
    • Tangible prodcuts
    • Subscription based products and services
    • Auctions
    • Classifieds
    • Dating/Social
    • Affiliate Mareting
  • Social Networking sites
    • Campus Communities
    • Niche interest groups
    • Office communications
  • Back office Intranet solutions (project management, ERP, CRM, Invoicing)
  • Forum Communities (Threaded bulletin boards)

So, get creative and build a website to gather community or earn money simply by employing the #1 Content Management System on the Internet.

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