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Wordpress LogoWordPress is the leading content management system on the Internet and is the first choice of many site developers. Therefore, I have been putting together a “Learn WordPress Seminar Series” of webinars to introduce WordPress and how it can change one’s life in the 21st Century. Many of us visit websites on a daily basis and don’t realize how many of those sites are powered by WordPress, one of its thousands of themes and countless plugins.

This series of webinars is going to span the gauntlet from the basis of introducing the platform to the intricacies of themes and plugins to the countless uses of WordPress to make money online. Because there is so much emphasis on utilizing practically free publicity to get ahead and build business and personal connections, establishing and having a functional blog is an asset in many ways. It can also then serve as a portal to funnel prospective clients to your goods or services.

So, what are the webinars going to be? Here they are.

  • Get to Know WordPress in a Nutshell
  • Start Your Own Blog: Share Your Passion
  • Keys to Blogging Success
  • How to Start a Self-Hosted WordPress blog or site
  • Make Money While You Sleep using WordPress
  • Learn the Different Types of eCommerce sites
  • Building Your Own Online Social Community

These topics should be a great benefit to everyone. Now is the type to become a publishing entrepreneur. It has been talked about in the past and now there is no better time to start writing about your passions and selling related goods and services.

If you’re interested in one or any of these topics, please contact me directly. If you wish to do the whole series, I will put together a package deal for you.

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