How to Create Your Own Crowdfunding Page

We are all familiar now with crowd funding and crowd sourcing, I hope, in 2020! If not, crowd funding is essentially going out to complete strangers and those we know and asking for money for some unique cause. Probably the name and term we’re all familiar with is “Go Fund me” where you setup a page that creates a campaign to raise a certain amount of money for a specific cause of a person or organization. The only downfall is that when using such sites, the recipient looses a percentage to the crowd funding site.

There is a way to raise money for a cause either personally or for an organization and get the full amount that was donated. That solution is GiveWP. The only catch is that you need to have a self-hosted WordPress website [using] in order to use it. It’s a nice plugin and I’m using it on a current project to bring in contributions.

Out of the box, it allows one to create unlimited campaigns and all the necessary documentation for donations. However, it will only do one time donations with Paypal Standard. If you wish to do recurring donations, you’ll need the enhanced PayPal and the paid recurring donations add-on feature.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, check out the video below published by Adam of WP Crafter, a site that he helps non-techies understand and learn WordPress. He did this tutorial and it explains the uses of this awesome plugin.

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