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Developing a website doesn’t just happen. It takes thought, process, time and money. If you can answer ALL the questions below honestly, you’re ready, able and willing to proceed with your project. 

Do you have goals?

Going forth with a project is like planning a trip and not knowing where you are going. One needs to know the destination in order to figure out the way to get there. Therefore, your goals dictate the strategies.

Do You have the passion?

The road ahead will have twists and turns. In order to persevere and succeed, you have to have continued passion for your cause to achieve your aspirations.

Do you have the budget?

The road ahead will have costs. Have you put aside enough money in your budget to achieve your goals. If not, something is going to have to give.

Do you know your audience?

Building an online presence requires establishing an audience. If you haven’t already established one, you’re going to have to build one and it will take time. Your audience will be built on your connections created both online and in person through videos, writing, speaking and mingling. So don’t waste time and get out there.

Do You Have the Time?

The project ahead will not be passive. We cannot do the work for you. Although we’re here to walk you through the process, you’ll have to give us time as we proceed through the discovery, planning, design and building process before the final delivery occurs. If you don’t have the time to allocate to this process, it will not happen.

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