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computer servicesThe last few years have brought about a new method of building websites. Website builders have been slowly replacing the standard method of typing text into an editor and having it appear in some way on the web page. Yes, we can add images and things to the content to make it look pretty, but it still takes on the look of a regular article rather than a eye catching page. Web site builders allow for creating sites that are less fixed and more custom.

In the last couple years or so, we have see the rise of website frameworks that utilize “builders”. These builders take the design to a new level. Pages are built using a modular approach rather than the content in frame approach. In other words, pages are broken into sections, rows, and modules. The rows and modules are the key elements in that you can insert multiple rows and place different types of modules (ie. text, images, sliders, counters, posts, etc.) into a row. These modules are then edited in real time rather than in an editor. This approach makes it easier for the novice to be able to create a website easily and the future is bright for this concept.

The key players in this new approach are Wix, SquareSpace, and now WordPress. However, there are differences. The main difference is in the culture of their organizations and strategy. Wix and SquareSpace use proprietary technology in their approach.  All platforms offer modules to add text, images, videos, posts, and other media to the page body.

WordPress on the other hand has several builder options to choose and is currently developing its own. The biggest options, such as Beaver Builder and Elementor offer a free option as well as paid premium ones and others [like Divi from Elegant Themes] simply require a commitment.  At the present time, the WordPress community is rethinking its core design through the Gutenberg Project. Check out my article on Gutenberg and where this project will take self-publishing technology.

If you’re looking to build a web site and want a simple solution, consider using a page builder solution. Any solution you may choose make it simple for the average user to build a decent web site. However, we do highly recommend WordPress for it’s price and flexibility.

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