Everything in Communications Technology Improves with Imagination

In a nutshell, our business is online marketing and publishing and helping others learn to communicate more efficiently through the various methods available to us. From the very beginning of mankind, we have sought to find and innovate new ways to communicate our thoughts and ideas with others. One of the greatest lessons of communications can be learned from Spaceship Earth at Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Spaceship Earth
SpaceShip Earth by night at Epcot

We have never stopped imagining and finding new ways to share our thoughts and ideas with those around us. Whether it be the alphabet, the writing utensil, or the medium on which we communicate, all have been innovations in communications technology. It has always been through frustration and desire that new methods have been devised to bridge the gaps in communications. Those who wish to learn and help change the world can do so just by asking “Is it Possible..?”

In the last century alone, we made great strides in communications technologies ranging from the telephone to cellular telephone to the Internet and Social Media. Now these individual mediums have been converging allowing us to receive calls and communicate anywhere on the globe.  A very short time ago, it would have been unfathomable to think that we could self-publish our own websites, blogs, or even an online storefront. But with desire we have forged ahead and created the tools necessary to achieve this, but have also made those tools much easier. In the very beginning, we had to know how to code by hand to achieve a simple web page. Now we have page builders that allow for drag-and-drop editing removing the need for hand coding.

Anything is possible through a persistent imagination and if we are willing to move forward and innovate, we can continue to reinvent the basics that we have come to almost take for granted.

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