Earning A Living With WordPress

Making a Living with WordPress

Have you ever said, “I wish I could make a living by…”? Since graduating college, when the web was new, I wanted to be a web developer and have my own agency. While investigating new careers in the last year, I began taking a hard look at WordPress and becoming an exclusive solutions provider. I’ve been working with WordPress for about 10 years now, so I’m not new to it. However, over that time, WordPress has matured and gotten much better and gained wider use due to developments.  After doing some research on making money with WordPress, I began to see that there were many opportunities that could lead to a great living. The challenge became putting together the elements that would become a sustainable income stream.

Build Multiple Streams of Income

As I have learned over the years, no one should rely on just one source of income. It may have worked in the 20th Century during the Industrial age, but not now when everything is subject to change without notice. We all need to have more than one source of revenue to keep cash flow moving. WordPress agencies, developers, freelancers, and site owners can create and earn multiple streams of income.

WordPress Related Services

In my case,  when looking at the web agency business models, it became apparent to establish two or more streams of income. It would come from developing sites, supporting them, and providing training. All my clients need to be supported with hosting and maintenance along with constant training on new features. Now with page builder technology, building pages easily and faster make generating new sites and updating existing ones easier.

Training takes on a two-fold purpose, enlightening the public on its existence, uses, and extensibility along with training those who have WordPress sites on how to use it. The goal is to bring to the table the benefits and opportunities that WordPress can bring to people regardless of experience. Therefore, the goal is to deliver WordPress education in various formats to make it easy.

Earning Money with Content

Site owners also have various methods of earning money through WordPress. Site owners can earn money through selling products and services affiliate marketing and advertising. Selling products and services is the active method of using e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to sell physical and electronic products respectively. Passively, bloggers can earn additional money through advertising and affiliate marketing (recommending other people’s products for money). It does not take a lot of knowledge of computers or business to get in the game, just the willingness to learn to use a simple system or two.

Today, our time is worth more money that it was in the past. We cannot afford to waste time performing senseless tasks that take time away from earning precious revenue. Therefore, everything  that can be done to automate processes, make the client happy and keep them coming back has to be done. Whether it’s answering a simple question or training on a new plugin or theme, being there holding their hand is key in a very disconnected world. Not only do we need to create a great customer viewing experience, but we also have to provide a great client support environment to keep everything balanced and maintained.

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