Discovery Session Workshops

Let's all learn your website and marketing goals and needs.

Looking to develop a new website or social media strategy? How well do you know your business? 

A discovery workshop is a “reflection” workshop to step back and look at your business’ products, services, goals and client benefits. By taking a look at the various pieces behind your business we then can assemble a true project plan to developing a branding strategy that will bring results.

What happens during a session?

Each discovery session takes up to four hours, but could be longer or shorter depending on how many parties are involved.

During the session, we dive into the business’ purpose, goals and value to the client. The end result is a document that details the particulars of your business and the recommendations for beginning the project.

At the end of the session, we will be able to see what the project will entail. You will also know more about your business’ strengths and weaknesses than you did before the session.

What is the Investment?

The investment for engaging in a discovery workshop is $600. If you choose to go forward, this investment will be credited toward your total investment cost of the project. If you choose not to work with us, the document is yours to bring to the solutions provider of your choice after paying the investment.

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