Combining the Personal Element with Internet Marketing

Since the Internet came into the picture more than 20 years ago, a critical piece of marketing has slowly been lost. That little piece is the personal element. We need to deliberately remember that combining the personal element with Internet marketing is key to building business relationship that thrive. People still buy from people they know and trust. Even though we have many tools now to get our word out online, communicating with people we know directly is still a key method to getting product out.

If we think back, many businesses started because friends and family were impressed with a unique idea about something we developed and told others about it. Slowly, more and more people found out creating a demand. Well, that same concept still exists with Internet technologies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. The first place we should start with is those in our inner circle. Once the inner circle has seen the benefits of our products and services, they become the driving force of your marketing effort. The human element has not changed since the dawn of recorded time. The only thing that has changed is the method in which we engage the human relationship.

It seems that in an electronic world, where more and more is done online in order to avoid needing physical interaction with people, people are craving the personal interaction more and more. People want to see and talk to people rather than the ambiguity of being a number or record in a database. Businesses with customer service that utilize a high-touch approach are cherished more than before where it was taken for granted.


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