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We are a digital media technology consulting firm located in the New York metropolitan area. Our goal is to help solopreneurs and small businesses harness digital technologies by providing technical advice, development, education, and support services. Our specialties include web development with a focus on WordPress, video influencing using YouTube, live streaming using various platforms, as well as podcasting and vodcasting (video podcasting)

Our Story

We have been in business since 2001 offering services in web development and other IT related services. In recent years, with the increase of remote working and online media driving business growth, we have opted to focus on this specialty area because many do not understand the technical aspects of growing their influence in the digital age. Because we live on the digital edge, we find it exciting to be able to learn about the emerging technologies and bring them to our clients and show them how these new tools can be utilized.

Our Goal

Our goal at SAK Media Systems is to guide our clients through the confusing and daunting path of developing a website, videos, podcasting, and email marketing. Yes…We know it is inundating and that is why we are here to help you down the path to conquering all the aspects of digital media technology. We want to see you succeed rather than getting lost in the proverbial forest technology.

Thank you for considering us to assist in your quest to conquer online branding and marketing solutions. From the very beginning we have been guiding our clients utilizing the latest technologies available and at reasonable rates. See how we can help you today!

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