3 Reason to Use Elementor

Today, building a website should be easy. It should not require having to hire a geek to know or write complicated HTML, CSS, or Javascript code. It should be straight forward and simple, much like building presentation slides in Apple Keynote, Google Presentations or Microsoft PowerPoint. Well…there is and it actually FREE; it’s a page builder called Elementor.

Elementor is one of the many page builder plugin options for WordPress. Like its competitors, it allows you to build pages without knowing any code. But there are three main reasons why I choose and suggest it over other page builders. They are:

It’s FREE and Open-Source

The standard version of Elementor,  available on the WordPress.org plugin repository is completely free and built on the GNU license model. Therefore, this plugin can be easily included into any pre-built website blueprint or included with any theme package.

Because it’s open-source, other plugin developers have the ability to create additional design elements as add-on plugins for Elementor. Many times these plugins contain elements available in Elementor Pro.

Full of Features

Compared to other competing free page builders which are limited in features, Elementor is full of features. It has all the basics needed to build a full website without leaving anything behind. It comes packed with 23 elements, including  some for social media support.

Easy to Use

The best feature of Elementor, to me, is its ease of use. Learning to use Elementor is not difficult at all. One can get going in a matter of minutes. There is one aspect which can get confusing and that has to do with nested columns, but I might cover that in an additional post.

So, if you’ve been thinking about building yourself a website for personal or business, look to the self-hosted version of WordPress and Elementor. It will be the best thing you’ll ever find that is reasonably priced, full of features and provides total control of your site.

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